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Drone Film captures a unique way to see the world. Scenes in the film above illustrate Elgin drone style as a Train town, a River Town, and an industrial town.

Instead of showing traditional corporate scenes, these Cinematic Drone films heighten dramatic tension and visualize the city in ways Elgin has never been experienced before. This film has reached over 50 thousand viewers.

Sunrays over a city

Elgin is not known for its cinematic lighting. It's not known for its windmill replica or its 1920s style art deco building.

A vibrant youthful artistic community has brought new business into Elgin. Showcased in this film are the traditional Hemmens cultural center along with the newer Side Street Arts studio, the Blue Box Cafe, Rediscover Records, and a few dozen other interesting aspects of the city.

South Elgin drone style

South Elgin is a growing city which houses work, play and its growth in very close proximity.

The film below captures new housing, a hidden waterfall, the river which cuts majestically through the central arteries of South Elgin. Schooling is contrasted against new homes being built, and a farm just next to the school. A beautiful electric train moves across, along with scenes from commercial properties.

The bicycle paths cut across town with so much new development occuring, including homes and road building.

This film saw 10 thousand views within its first week online.

Chicago Marathon Drone

Chicago Marathon is a yearly tradition for thousands of runners each year. The drone film below shows the beauty of the rigorous course.

Many of the turns can be seen among this flat, fast 26.2 mile course. Contrasts are made from city paths, those along the lakefront, deeply cityfied roadways, and great runs under Lincoln Park treelined neighborhoods. A statue of the Italian freedom fighter Garibaldi is located in the Little Italy neighborhood, and Pilsen includes a view of a beautiful church.

The final few miles of the Chicago Marathon include passing through China Town, and returning home from within buildings of the Illinois Institiute of Technology.

With over 4 thousand viewers the weeks before the Chicago Marathon, this drone perspective showed runners a new way to visualize their run.

Fox River Bike Path

The Elgin Area Convention and Visitors Bureau (EACVB) helps highlight events and activities within the Fox Valley region to increase attendee awareness and tourism.

This film is a complement to paper maps, which highlight the views along historically significant bike trails.

Celebrate American Pastimes. Join us at the 4th of July Parade in downtown Elgin.

Posted by Downtown Neighborhood Association of Elgin IL on Thursday, July 2, 2015

Elgin July 4

The Downtown Neighborhood Association helps the city put together some of the most spectacular events throughout the year.

This film showcases interesting aspects of the city and encourages an audience to attend and support its 4th of July Parade.

BlueBox Cafe

Elgin is seeing a resurgence in forward thinking small business.

The BlueBox Cafe attracts Dr. Who fans with its great menu and extraordinary service. This film captures the magic of both the city and the Blue Box Cafe which thrives in Elgin.

Thanks for joining us. This year we featured these houses at the 2015 Historic Elgin House Tour.

Posted by Elgin Historic House Tour on Friday, September 11, 2015

Victorian Houses in Elgin

Elgin has timely historic significance. It was the place to be a hundred years ago, when Elgin watches created wealth for a population who lived in Elgin and manufactured hand crafted timepieces. These residents built their Victorian homes, and the resulting Victorian properties have remained.

This film captures some of the Victorian houses featured in a House Walk, almost 35 years strong.

Elgin Drone Rapid Ascent, Descent, and Hover

Drones behave differently during rapid rises and descents.

The film above captures light in Elgin as the Drone attempts to rise and descent rapidly with long periods of hovering inbetween.

A storyline incorporates the work of a local author's creative illustration work for an upcoming book.

Elgin Drone. Rain, Wind, Snow, Low Light

Elgin has beautiful lighting even during rainy, windy, and snowy, seasons. The film above shows Elgin Drone performance during these extreme conditions.